Schedule an Annual Furnace Tune-Up to Increase Performance

Furnace maintenance is easy to forget until a breakdown occurs and you need an expensive repair. Airfficient provides regular maintenance that will keep your home warm and cozy in winter. Schedule a tune-up before the cold weather arrives next season, so you don’t have to deal with heating issues then.

The benefits of furnace maintenance include:

  • Extended Operating Life: Regular service can prevent larger issues that can cause an equipment breakdown. It can also avoid a failure that leads to replacing your furnace prematurely.
  • Improved Furnace Efficiency: Dust and debris often collect in furnaces and reduce their energy efficiency. These contaminants also strain heating equipment, forcing it to work harder. Professional cleaning helps improve furnace performance and can lower your monthly electric bill.
  • Improved Air Quality: A furnace can release dust, dander, and harmful gases into your home. Regular maintenance reduces buildup, addresses combustion issues, and eliminates dirt, making your home’s air healthier.
  • Improved Comfort: A poorly maintained furnace can cause your home to be warm in spots and cold in others. Improvements in cleanliness, temperature detection, and airflow avoid having to deal with cold spots in your home.
  • Fewer Safety Risks: A clogged exhaust, dirty burner, or cracked heat exchanger can cause a release of carbon monoxide. A faulty electrical connection or wire is a fire hazard. When we check your furnace, we are sure to mitigate any safety issues found.
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Schedule Your Annual Furnace Tune-Up

At Airfficient, we understand how furnace maintenance contributes to your health and well-being. Improving furnace longevity, energy efficiency, and air quality has many long-term benefits.

Our Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) includes an annual furnace tune-up at no extra charge. We service your air conditioner once a year as well. As an MVP member, you get an automatic reminder when maintenance is due and priority service when scheduling appointments.

Your service plan also includes the following:

  • Annual 21-point “WOW” furnace tune-up
  • Guaranteed rapid response in an emergency
  • Complete furnace safety inspection
  • Discounts on diagnostics, parts, and repairs
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • And more

During our 21-point furnace tune-up, we calibrate and level the thermostat, test the ignition system, and inspect for nearby combustible material. Ducts are tested for carbon monoxide and the exhaust system is tested for proper venting. During a tune-up, our qualified technicians also test safety and control circuits and measure the temperature differential between the supply and return ducts.

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$45 Off Air Conditioner Repairs

Air Conditioner Repairs

Our 21-Point “WOW” Furnace Tune-Up

Includes the Following:

  1. Calibrate and level thermostat
  2. Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  3. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  4. Test duct system for carbon monoxide
  5. Test exhaust system for proper venting
  6. Measure temperature difference Supply/Return
  7. Test safety and control circuits for proper operation

Our Other Heating Services

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is not working properly, not heating your home adequately, or is making noise, call a repair contractor. Our trained technicians quickly diagnose the problem and determine how to repair it. Licensed, prompt, and trustworthy, they can fix burner, exhaust, ignition, pilot, blower, and heat exchanger issues. We guarantee exceptional quality of service and that you’ll be free of furnace troubles when we’re done.

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New Furnace Installation

At Airfficient, we believe there’s only one chance to get furnace installation right. We begin with a load calculation, so we can find the right-sized furnace for your home. A high-quality, high-efficiency furnace is an investment. But our FREE in-home consultation on replacements helps you save from the start. Many options are available. We’ll help you choose a heater that fits your budget and meets the needs of your home.

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Real Guarantees

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, we will refund all of your money. If our technicians smoke or swear in your home; are not drug-free; do not wear medical shoe covers or leave your home without cleaning up, you do not pay for the service.

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Tim & Leanne S.

Second visit for Mr. Best at our house. This time to install a replacement part that he found to be defective on his first visit. He seems to always have a smile 😊 on his face and a cheerful attitude. Thank you Rodney. I hope to see you again.

Elaine F.

Great maintenance service as usual! Nick took the time to explain the inspection and addressed questions asked in language that was understandable. Very nice worker to talk to with no intimidation. The best!!!

Lynne J.

Tom R. was very professional, polite, and took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns.

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